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furniture stores in santo domingo dominican republic

Dominican Republic Furniture Stores

Furniture Stores in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Brief introduction

Dominican Republic is a country that have it all including great quality furniture stores located in Santo Domingo and all around the country.  DR have a wide variety of good quality local and imported furniture.  Hundreds of local furniture store are distributed all around the country selling bed sets, dining sets, living room, mattress and all type of home appliances. This is the reason why we recommend to read this articule before you out to buy furniture in DR and is also a quick guide of All you need to know about the top furniture stores, industry history, summary and Dominican customers market preferentes.


Furniture Stores in Dominican Republic

First of all and in order to have the latest information and furniture ranking stores, visit the most important business directory in DR at  On this online business directory, you may find all furniture stores located mainly in Santo Domingo and other provinces, a brief description of each one including its website links.

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Furniture Stores Sorted by Popularity:

1 Comercial del Sol: Comercial del Sol offers a wide variety of items for the home, wit

        Dominican Republic furniture stores

h the best payment facilities and the best guarantee. Furniture, Dining Rooms, Apartments, Credenzas, Stoves, Refrigerators, Radios, Televisions, Fans, Inverters and others. In addition, in Comercial del Sol you can customize your furniture by selecting the color of the upholstery so that you can combine it with your spaces. (Details)

2 Colchonería y Mueblería La Nacional, CxA: (La Nacional Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and also called Colchoneria La Nacional) Located in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, this company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, interior springs, mattresses and the distribution of exclusive brands of household items. More than 60 years of experience in different markets, make it your best option when it comes to meeting the needs of mattresses and furniture in their rooms. Leaders in the manufacture and marketing of mattresses for hotels recognized both nationally and internationally. (Details)
3 Actualidades Muebles: Company dedicated to the manufacture of home and office furniture with first class finishing. Our main store is located on av. February 27 esq. Leopoldo Navarro, Santo Domingo. (Details)
4 Home Gallery: Home Gallery offers everything you need for the furnishing of spaces. Furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, accessories and mattresses according to your personality, budget and lifestyle. Located in the Gustavo Mejía Ricart 105, Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo.(Details)
5 Ray Muebles: We satisfy your needs in furniture and appliances, at competitive prices and insurmountable credit facilities. (Details)
6 Caoba Fine Furniture: Our selection of raw materials and our specialized mahogany craftsmen make our furniture perfect. Located at Av. Fello Vidal, Edif. Galerías DC-4, El Embrujo 1., Santiago, Rep. Dom.(Details)
7 Turquesa Mobiliario & Diseño, SRL: Company specializing in the design of outdoor furniture to supply the different hotels, villas, residences, beach restaurants, apartments, terraces, among other environments, through a complete and unique concept of exclusive design, high quality and professional service and customized at an affordable price.(Details)
8 L & R Comercial: Company dedicated to the sale of furniture and appliances with the best price in the market and personalized service. (Details)
9 IKEA Santo Domingo: IKEA ofrece una amplia gama de productos para la decoración del hogar funcionales y bien diseñados, a precios tan asequibles que puedan adquirirlos la mayoría de las personas. Avenida John F. Kennedy, esquina Calle Bienvenido Gautier Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo. (Details)
10 Casanova Muebles: Distribution of furniture to the large networks of stores in the Dominican Republic. Our environments range from the classic to the modern, without overlooking the rustic style or the outdoor environments. (Details)
11 Estévez Muebles: Estévez Muebles has a clear business concept based on total quality, as well as the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing processes in all its phases, without undermining the use of a highly qualified workforce, which constitutes the central value for the achievement of a first class product, suitable to the most demanding international standards. (Details)
12 Spacios Outlet: Company dedicated to the import of furniture from Asia. It offers furniture lines basically white, and highly resistant woods such as Teak. Furniture very suitable for areas of fresh decoration and tropical lines, being able to blend with other trends of modern decoration. Wide variety of showcases, credenzas, dining rooms, sofas -ofa, drawers, outdoor furniture in synthetic fiber, accessories and accessories. (Details)
13 Homero Muebles: Company located in San Francisco de Macorís dedicated to the sale of furniture and appliances.(Details)
14 Gael Muebles: A place where you can see a vision and a wide variety of furniture and decorations. Gael Muebles goes from a modern to a classical atmosphere, you will find furniture and decorations for city residences, villas and hotels. Among the services included, it offers space decoration, transportation and installation. (Details)
15 Casa Mobel: Company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture with an impressive combination of select local manufacture and international characteristics with the magic charm of the Caribbean. In addition, it provides logistic and decoration support to the institutional industry, to the hotel industry and to individual projects (Details)
16 Arte Nativo, Muebles Rusticos: We manufacture and design all types of furniture to your liking and to your measure. (Details)
17 Angel Muebles: Specialists in the design, manufacture and repair of all types of furniture in mahogany, oak, wicker and rattan. Located on the Santiago-Tamboril road, esq. Juan José Domínguez # 2, Guazumal, Santiago. (Details)
18 Lucy Muebles: Furniture and appliances company which offers a variety of good quality merchandise at the best prices in the market. Lucy Muebles has two spacious premises located in Carretera Duarte Vieja, No. 28, Herrera. Tel .: 809-560-1190. (Details)
19 Homeset: Company dedicated to the supply of furniture and equipment for the real estate and hospitality sector. Interior design services, supply of interior and exterior furniture, decorative accessories, cushions and curtains, lighting and bed linen among others. (Details)
20 A&B Electromuebles, SRL: Company dedicated to the sale of all types of appliances and furniture. Wide range of room games, refrigerators, stoves, drinking fountains, household items.(Details)
21 Merán Muebles: Company dedicated to offering integral furniture solutions for homes and offices. It offers the highest quality of the market in chairs, office furniture and modular stations, with innovative designs of high functionality and adapting to the needs of the client. (Details)
22 Batavia: Furniture, Lamps and Decoration Items. Furniture for all areas of your home made with the most coveted woods in the world, as well as furniture in natural and synthetic fibers.(Details)
23 Rattan Dominicano S.A.: Manufacturers of the Dominican Ecological Furniture of the brands Junco, Ecorustic and Econatura. Leader in the national market and exporters. We have a department dedicated to the development of large hotel projects and provide the service of decoration and design of prototypes for your projects.(Details)
24 Nueva Dimension: Store dedicated to the decoration of interior spaces, whose bet goes directed to an integral form of decoration that includes all type of furniture, confection of curtains, upholstery, accessories and decorative complements, creating a style of life different, practical and unique. (Details)
25 JR Industria de Muebles y Colchones: Company located in Santo Domingo East, with more than 25 years of experience in furniture manufacturing. Wide selection of living room tables, dining rooms, showcases and furniture in general for the home.(Details)
26 Ilumel: Shop furniture, lamps and decorative accessories. A unique decoration experience in the world. (Details)
27 Ivad Home & Deco: Furniture with innovative styles, with a wide range of textures, colors and designs, with incomparable quality and competitive prices. In addition, it offers decorative items, wall sconces, paintings, laminates, avant-garde design lamps and carpets, reupholstering and consulting service about decoration and interior design. (Details)
28 SUK-Asian Roots: Company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture and home accessories in rattan, wicker and precious woods, such as mahogany, oak, acacia, among others. In SUK-Asian Roots you will also find furniture imported from the Orient, of ancient and modern styles, and Italian furniture, of excellent quality and style, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. His workshops are located in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. (Details)
29 Mundo Fibras: Company specialized in the preparation and design of furniture, jars, pots and armchairs in fiberglass. In addition, manufacturers of industrial tanks in fiberglass for storage of chemicals, wastewater, drinking water and others. Telephone: 809-238-3564.(Details)
30 Altri Tempi: Altri Tempi is a designer furniture store in the Dominican Republic. Exclusive distributors of Minotti, B & B Italy, Hermes, Kartell, Baccarat, Fendi and more. With two branches in Santo Domingo and Santiago. (Details)


History of Furniture Industry in Domincan Republic

The furniture exists from the moment the man decides to leave the floor for the comfort of sitting on a stone or a fallen trunk. A sample corresponding to this stage in the evolution of humanity and parallel to the history of the Dominican furniture, is the hammock, hanging and portable bed, made from fibers of a tree, which is believed to adopt the name. Another piece of furniture developed by the Tainos was the duho, which was a kind of stool, made of stone or wood with geometric engravings on the top, four legs, the two front legs being shorter than the hind legs and with the head of an animal. In this one the chiefs sat down to rest, in squats, during certain ceremonies.

According to an article written by Arancha Toribio, from INTEC’s Industrial Design Centre, probably, after the colonization the Spaniards who settled on the island must have built some type of furniture surely based on the characteristics of the styles in force in Europe during that period, which must have been much coarser and rudimentary, due to the use of other woods and fabrics and the lack of skill of the local labour force. If so, there are no vestiges of such furniture, nor are there references to the development of any Creole style in furniture that combines the formal and artisanal characteristics of colonizers and colonized, probably because of the lack of artistic crossbreeding that occurred on the island due to the extinction of the indigenous population.

Likewise, there are no references to 18th century furniture either, and it is necessary to take into account the fact that during these two centuries the island was immersed in helplessness and decadence and that by the end of the 18th century, according to certain writings, the primitive character still prevailed in the furniture of the time.

Evolution of Dominican Furniture

Towards the decade of 1890, together with the changes that occurred in the economy, politics, social stratification, in the media, the organs of cultural transmission and even in the demography of the island, the Dominican furniture began to shed this rustic and primitive character that represented it. The Dominican bourgeoisie makes use of architecture and furniture in its competition for social status; the houses are furnished with imported furniture facilitated by the emerging and prolific importing companies that brought them on ships from Europe and the United States.

Starting from the fact that there is a notable introduction of foreign furniture in the country, it is that the national furniture industry begins to develop. From the middle of the 19th century onwards, design focused on trends in styles from past eras.
The Victorian style experiments in Europe great proliferation due to the eagerness of ostentation of the time and arrives to the country and the United States. The first wicker furniture arrived from England, but with the immigration of the Chinese colony during the Trujillo regime, factories were established in the country for its production.

Another very characteristic style of the Victorian is that developed by the German Michael Thonet, steam curved, and characterized by being light, flexible and durable, even becoming disassembled. This style was not so copied by local cabinet makers due to its advanced curved technique. Replicas of these can be seen in the Museum of the Dominican Family.
For 1920 models of French, English, Spanish and North American furniture begin to be adopted in their manufacture with Creole woods such as mahogany, cedar and spinillo, which, together with the reinterpretation of craftsmanship according to the resources and the intermingling of all these styles, generates in itself a new character in the furniture.

In an article published in the newspaper dated December 14, 1996, César Iglesias and Antonio Caren are mentioned as manufacturers, in San Pedro de Macorís, José Socías and Alfredo Hirlen, in Montecristi; William Charro, in Puerto Plata and Pascual Palacios in Santo Domingo. Palacios, of Spanish origin, established a sculpture and marquetry workshop in 1920, introducing a new aesthetic to the furniture, a product of the mixture between the Castilian Renaissance style and his own inspiration.

This is how the palace style imposed by the master Palacios arose. Trujillo, lover of the titles and symbols of power and his delirium of grandeur, made Palacios become the official cabinetmaker of the State. At that time Palacios was known internationally. It was he who manufactured the famous rocking chair used by President John F. Kennedy.
A second workshop is the Sabina furniture shop, initially established in Santiago and later in Santo Domingo.

Criollo Model

A much more Creole and popular model, which has practically disappeared, is called Mueble de Palitos, based on the transcendence of spindle-back chairs, made up of numerous turned sticks.

The Dominican style called Vernacle, which really has its origins in foreign furniture as well, is characterized by straight lines and little size. The most commonly used materials are mahogany, oak and straw. Legs straight, turned, cabriolé and claw-shaped. There is the Serrano model, simple, rustic and naturalistic. The best examples are the Serranas chair and rocking chair, in pine and guano fabric, which is intended to be defined as autochthonous furniture, but has its origin in primitive North American styles. It has been called Serranas because its greatest production is recorded in the Sierra de El Seibo, in the towns of San José de la Matas, in Santiago and Matanza, Baní.

The Art-Deco presence was present in the country in the 1940s. Today it is still maintained in the country by some manufacturers.

Furniture Industry Summary

In the Dominican Republic, most of the production of the furniture sector is dedicated to the domestic market, especially the production of wooResultado de imagen para dominican republic furniture mapsden furniture. Most of the companies (approximately 70%) are small, in the style of small workshops, usually organized by former operators who formed their companies.

Nationally produced wood furniture is dedicated mainly to popular domestic consumption and a small part is destined for export, while imported furniture (which has a higher price and uses materials other than wood), are aimed at sectors with greater purchasing power. For this reason, the foreign supply has not displaced the internal supply of the sector.

From the point of view of supply, Dominican production is located in two main areas: outside the free trade zones (called national production) and inside the free trade zones.

The majority of furniture production takes place in the national zone, concentrated in the area of Santo Domingo and Santiago. It is estimated that production in the free zone would represent 1% of the country’s furniture production.

The Dominican furniture industry is mainly aimed at the local market. To a great extent, exports are not recurrent but sporadic.

Furniture Local PreferencesResultado de imagen para dominican republic furniture maps

To have and idea of the local consumers preferences, bellow you may find a market research and analysis based on 50 surveys made to 50 final Dominican final consumers. Basically the following four questions were consider for this survey.

1. Do you buy locally manufactured furniture?

In the consumers consulted, it is very obvious the willingness of end consumers to buy locally manufactured furniture, 94% said they buy locally manufactured furniture, and the remaining 6% said they do not buy locally manufactured furniture.

36% of consumers responded that they had an income between $15,000 and $25,000 pesos per month. 34% indicated that they had income between $25,000 and $40,000 pesos. 18% reported that they had income between 40,000 and 90,000 pesos. Only 12% said they had income between 15 thousand and less.

2. What type of furniture do you usually buy?

27% said they usually buy living room furniture. 24% said they buy kitchen furniture. 20% said they buy canteens. Another 20% buy bedding and 9% buy bedding or mattresses.

3. How often you buy furniture?

60% of consumers interviewed said they buy furniture between four and five years, 24% buy every three years, 12% every two years and 4% every year. With these data we could infer that the rotation cycle of the furniture is mostly between 4 and five years.

4. What type of materials do you prefer for furniture?

38% of those consulted prefer furniture with precious exposed wood for their furniture, 26% indicate that they prefer furniture of synthetic material and 24% prefer furniture of solid wood, 6% indicate that they prefer wood of andiroba.

5. What style of furniture do you prefer?

44% of the consumers consulted indicate that they prefer modern style furniture, 38% classic style, 14% prefer new styles while 2% prefer minimalist, another 2% prefer vintage style. We can conclude that end consumers are willing to receive different styles to those already established.



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